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Nursing: Nurturing a caring heart

‘When you ask a fresh student of nursing or medicine why they have chosen that career, they will tell you that they want to care for and help people. In college, they are trained briefly in communication theory, but when they go for practice, they watch their mentors shouting. Because it is normalised, they assimilate that behaviour. When they leave college, that caring heart is long forgotten because it did not receive any nurturing,’ says Mwanamvua.

Royal Society Pfizer award for Salmonella research

The say a great prophet is never recognised in his home….that can be said of all great people. A Kenyan scientist won the most prestigious science award on the continent in 2012 and he did not make even the middle pages of our leading newspapers. A friendly editor tried hard to market this piece but somehow it did not get far…… a shame really. Dr Sam Kariuki is actually one of the people who inspired me to pursue post-graduate studies