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The devil in health

As science sheds light on disease causation, attributing ill health to the devil is shifting to the periphery more and more. Take the example of Kilifi in the days when malaria was killing hundreds of children a year. A child that had cerebral malaria was thought to have been attacked by a spirit that hated bad smells and children suffering from convulsions were exposed to bad smells to drive the spirits away. Cerebral malaria has a high fatality rate and

The mental health of Kenya’s school-going children

I had thought of writing this article before the Westgate crisis. Although the siege ended, it all feels so unreal. We who watched it on TV, like most people on the globe, still can’t believe what happened. The untold stories of the hostages who were mutilated by the terrorists are now slowly emerging. We would have been spared the full extent of that ordeal had it been left to the mainstream media but now we get to know so much.