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Thinking ahead – who will pay for vaccines?

A single dose of PCV10 (a vaccine introduced in 2011 to combat pneumonia) costs about US$3.50. In Kenya alone, we have 1 million new borns each year, each requiring 3 doses of this vaccine. It would cost the country US$ 10 million to give all the babies in the country the full dose of one vaccine. To push the country in the direction of self-sufficiency, a helping hand arrived.

Surveillance after vaccine introduction

Have you heard of PCV-10? This is the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine introduced in Kenya in 2011. You should know about it because it is part of the immunisation schedule for infants in Kenya. I will tell you a lot about this vaccine this week – stay with me. Introduction of PCV10 goes hand in hand with a strong surveillance program. Find out more about that.