Teenagers and sexual orientation

There have been a few articles in the newspapers emanating from investigations on school unrest in Kenya. As a background to those who are not aware – most of the government funded secondary schools are same-sex boarding schools housing children from about 13 to 18 years of age. There have been strikes, burning of schools that have sometimes resulted in deaths of pupils. A special investigation was conducted to find out the root causes of these riots. I have not been able to lay my hands on the original document so relying on the newspaper quotes – some of the reports seem out of place, like this on the 11th June 2017 titled ‘Homosexuality starts in primary school’…..


….and repeated again in the papers today – Tuesday 13th June with a more perturbing title ‘Report: Gays begin in primary, devil worship in high school’


Quotes that I have pulled out in both articles are meant to alarm but they verge on the utterly ridiculous…..

‘It says students who are lesbians are absent minded, lack concentration in class and are very secretive’

‘Girls write love notes to fellow girls, girls behaving like men, funny hairstyles and dress code, indecent behaviours such as touching other girls’ privates, pairing and always found together, sharing beds and holding hands’

‘The report says those who are gay are attracted to other boys, share gifts and even beds, discomfort in female company, feminine character, possession of condoms, possessive friendship, sagging of trousers and they are shy and very friendly’


And it gets worse…..

The report notes that students who engage in lesbianism and homosexually are either suspended, transferred to other schools, referred to boards of managements for disciplinary action or they are guided and counselled.

Remember that boarding schools in Kenya house children 13 to 18 years of age. Children of this age who have same-sex sexual orientation must be absolutely scared. I have written before about the way such children are already in total distress when they begin to realise that they are attracted to others of the same sex…..


To cluster such vulnerable children along with ‘devil worshippers’ is really to push them to the edge. To then claim that children who are attracted to the same sex should receive counselling and guidance implies that such children can be treated. Like all they need is a little talking to and all shall be well.

I wrote an exhaustive piece on ‘treatment for homosexuality’ which I really think is a must read for anyone who thinks there is treatment out there for same-sex attraction

On ‘treating’ homosexuality

Is it any wonder that young people who are attracted to the same sex have a higher suicide than those who are heterosexual. Reports with quotes like those in the newspaper articles only serve to drive these young people into despair. I take a quote from a man who had been forced to undergo ‘treatment’ for homosexuality….

‘I feel that more good could be done by the psychological and religious communities if they were to band together and help sexual minorities shed their self-hatred and find a respected place in society’


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  • Great resource of information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tabs

    Wellcome Kimani – keep reading!

  • Bernadette K

    I am just wondering what is the connection between ‘homosexuality’ and school unrest … i would also be interested to read the recommendations that the report make in relation to that finding. thanks Tabs for sharing

    • Tabs

      You are spot on! It appears to be scapegoating. I have a lot of empathy for homosexual teenagers in Kenya – they must feel like the scum of the earth with all this being thrown at them.

  • Same-sex sexual orientation?? Is this some sort of justification for homosexuals? This topic is just absurd in whatever angle you look at it. As Bernadette asked, what is the connection between the two, I hope the reporters did a credible work in coming up with that story because I am really trying hard not to critique. Nice debate though, more insights would really help

  • Thanks for Enlightening us on these issues.

  • Tabs

    Thanks for the comments. Mart – let me know what insights you are thinking of – what would you like to know?