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Ebola Heroes

It is amazing how every crisis has a hero who puts their own interests down for the sake of another. Ebola is no different. Whereas most of us would rather be miles away from the infection, there are people who cannot sit around, reading about it in the paper while other human beings suffer. The world media has focused attention on the efforts of Samaritan’s Purse and Medecins Sans Frontier. Well deserved praise of people from outside the continent, who

Kenya is wrong on Ebola

On 13th August – the World Health Organization issued a statement putting Kenya on the list of ‘high risk’ countries for Ebola transmission. Reason being that Kenya airways have many flights to countries that already have a serious Ebola crisis. Today- 14th august, President Kenyatta says ‘Kenya will not shun West Africa because of the Ebola outbreak…..’ The WHO tells us that as of 11th August – 1975 people have been infected with the virus and 1069 have died of