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What’s wrong with me?

Coming to terms with same sex attraction Gay rights activists might be irritated by an article discussing why some people are gay and many scientists argue that such research should not even occur. However, fear and hatred of homosexuals persist where freedom to discuss such issues as ‘why are some people gay?’ is a question one should never ask. It is perhaps the reason why many still say today that talking about homosexuality is polluting young minds and promoting ‘the

Rise of HIV in Kenya is driven by homophobia

In a small article in today’s Daily Nation (12th August 2013), ‘The wag’ argued against the general statement that the gay community has some of the highest HIV prevalences. His take was that gay men are at a much higher risk of acquiring HIV than gay women. I liked his rather non-judgemental blunt approach to the topic. Rather refreshing in a county where the practise of homosexuality carries a 14-year sentence, sounds bad, but its worse in other parts of