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Fighting FGM- Part II

The female circumcision debate has heated up in the media and in parliament . I have followed the discussion in The Daily Nation and there are some rather interesting tit bits. Take this letter to the editor by a regular contributor.     She was of the opinion that slapping a ban on FGM is not enough and explains that if these women are given something else to dream about, the practise will die.

Learning to hate the old

Children’s story like this popular one – The Wizard of Oz – have a witch, who is old and nasty. We had H&G who were tricked into a cake-house by an old wicked witch. On TV, the movie ‘Brave’ just to pick one, has a nasty old woman that hands a child a cup-cake that turns her mother into a bear. I could go on and on.

Sex education

This week, I will put the scholarly pieces aside a bit and just talk about what sex education as I experienced it and as I see it now. I will focus on the girl – not because I don’t think boys are important in this issue but because girls are the ones who bear ALL the brunt of unwanted pregnancies and so what they go through is important. This is an image my daughter drew of herself and me.  

Attempted suicide and Kenyan law

Today, 10th of October is World mental health day. In a country like Kenya, with high rates of infectious diseases, were 1.5 million people are pushed into extreme poverty every year due to health costs, mental health problems are not seen as conditions requiring medical care. After all, most mentally unwell people are physically, very able.  A lot of things get handled badly. Mentally unwell people are often labeled as ‘demon possessed’. I could go on about that one.

The mental health of Kenya’s school-going children

I had thought of writing this article before the Westgate crisis. Although the siege ended, it all feels so unreal. We who watched it on TV, like most people on the globe, still can’t believe what happened. The untold stories of the hostages who were mutilated by the terrorists are now slowly emerging. We would have been spared the full extent of that ordeal had it been left to the mainstream media but now we get to know so much.

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