Second best health blog in Kenya

Hiya all,

It’s been a while since I wrote. The BAKE awards came (2nd May) and I have remained silent still. However, I am back from marking scripts I thought I would never finish…… so let me tell you what the final tally was, you can find it at:

16. Best Health Blog
# Blog Total Votes
a 2783
b 2411
c 1745
d 1402

Total 8,341

I must congratulate Jane Mukami for winning the best health blog……have a look at it. An impressive piece of work.

Healthkenya is officially the second best health blog in the country. I want to appreciate all of you who voted for the blog. I am still amazed that 2,411 of you voted…… ASANTE SANA.

I shall continue to write and please continue to read.

Asanteni sana

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