Nation Media articles

Here are URL’s to articles that I have published with the Nation Media Group over the years. Most of them are DN2 cover stories on topics that I feel strongly about. I have to say that I am very pleased with the level of care that the editors take with each article, choosing illustrations very carefully and laying them out perfectly.



Corporal punishment persists in schools despite ban. The Daily Nation. September 17th 2014.


Is Kenya winning the battle against malaria? Daily Nation. April 25th 2014.


Anti-malaria vaccine a few tests away. The Daily Nation. 24th April 2013.


Watch that salt! It just might be killing you. The Daily Nation. 6th March 2013.


Outcomes of untreated high blood pressure. Daily Nation 6th March 2013


Dying to live: The case for universal health care. The Daily Nation, 26th February 2013.


When beasts eye boys. The Daily Nation, 17th December 2012.

Seeking justice for sexually abused children. Daily Nation. 31st October 2012.


Many Kenyans unaware of being HIV positive. The East African, 11-17th June 2012.


Women in science: the sisterhood equation. The East African, 2-8th April 2012. The editorial mentions my involvement at the beginning.


I wrote 10 of the 16 profiles;

DR EUNICE NDUATI: How an accidental visit to a lab started a science career.


DR BRENDA OKECH: Juggling malaria vaccine trials and motherhood


DR MARGARET OKOMO-ADHIAMBO: The flu virus hunter


DR EMELDA OKIRO: Pioneer of the saliva test


DR JANE CHUMA: The health economist who focuses on the poor.


DR JANE ACHAN: The scientist who wanted to be a teller.


DR FLORA ISMAIL TIBAZARWA: Local solutions to crop pests, diseases.


DR JULIE MAKANI: Feeling the pain of sickle cell anaemia.


DR AJANGALE NELLY ISYAGI-LEVINE: The catfish entrepreneur.


DR GRACE IRIMU: Champion of sick children.


Portrait of determination. The Daily Nation. 7th March 2012.

Let’s talk suicide. The Daily Nation. DN2 19th December 2011.


Queries on blood transfusion system. The East African, 1st December 2011.


Targeted malaria control is the better option. Daily Nation. DN2, 29th November 2011.


Painful crisis: Julie Makani’s fight against sickle cell disease. The East African, 7-13th November, 2011.


Seth Berkley: A lifetime search for equity through vaccines. The East African, 15-21st August, 2011.


WHO rules may be killing, not saving children in Africa. The East African,  15-21st August, 2011.


Low-tech suit could cut maternal deaths. The Saturday nation, 12th August 2011.



Maternal shelter where women with high-risk pregnancies wait to deliver. Saturday Nation, 4th June 2011.


Striking a fatal blow at pneumonia. The East African, 14-20th February, 2011. a fatal blow at pneumonia/-/2558/1106224 /




Race for improved vaccines in battle against pneumonia. Daily Nation, 12th November 2010. for improved vaccines in battle against pneumonia /-/1056/ 1051910/-/15qk3g5z/-/index.html


Timely diagnosis saved my son’s life. Daily nation, 9th Feb 2011. diagnosis saved my sons life /-/1218/1103722/



Let’s approach abortion issue with sober minds. Daily Nation, 7th  April 2010. approach abortion issue with sober minds/-/ 1218/893872/-/11mfilf/-/index.html

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