Jim Humble’s toxic miracle

Source 'i' newspaper, UK. Nov, 2016

Article in ‘i’ (UK) last week

Jim Humble has convinced parents in the USA that using industrial bleach can treat Autism in children. Humble is convinced that diluted industrial bleach with a bit of citric acid kills disease causing germs as well as cancer and everything else in between. He calls his mixture Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS).

Jim Humble believes with all his heart that MMS is the miracle cure that the medical world is denying it’s people.

As with ALL conspiracy theories, there is always a truth, even if it’s a tiny tiny spot on a huge lie. The tiny truth here is that there are few bacteria, viruses and other disease causing parasites that will live in a jug of industrial bleach. However, a human body is composed of similar proteins and does not do well, soaked in bleach.

MMS is made for drinking…… just imagine what drinking industrial bleach will do to your body!

It is extremely damaging to the lining of the gut. People who take MMS experience terrible nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Humble will tell them – it’s the body getting rid of the disease. The sick person whose body has been trying to fight illness now has to fight this destruction of it’s gut. It’s a hard fight and most people loose huge amounts of weight, so bad that they look like a person on the verge of death from HIV AIDS.

Humble has written books telling people that the pharmaceutical industry is aware of the effectiveness of his cure, that if people turned to MMS, the industries would all shut down and would not be able to sell their drugs….. seeing as bleach cures EVERYTHING from cancer (Cancer cured with industrial bleach ) malaria, autism, name it.

Tiny truth there – the pharmaceutical industry is driven to make money, neglecting diseases that affect poor regions for medicines rich people will pay for. The way the pharmaceutical industry operates does not do us, the consumers, any favours – and conspiracy theories have ran amok as a result of their greed. Humble plays this to death.

YET, go to his website…


…… the smallest bottle of his combination of dilute bleach and citric acid sells at just slightly less than 30$ ….. Pray tell me, who is robbing who?

Humble sells his books on Amazon®, making plenty of money.

The pharmaceutical company is at least selling you something that is tried and tested!

Humble is no better than the pharmaceutical industry that he is constantly attacking.

His eyes are set on Africa – claiming that his bleach cure will eradicate malaria on the continent…

Industrial bleach cures malaria

There is already a highly effective cure for malaria that is in use in Africa (artemether derivatives like Co-artem, artesunate etc). There is clearly no need to use anything else, an onslaught of this nonsense would take the gains made in malaria control on the continent way back. Humble is looking for killing fields in Africa.

I searched for research papers on MMS and found nothing but a small German piece that I did not have access to. The research community has not even bothered to grace this issue with the smallest of comments.

Like old politics, research that is fundable has to sound a certain way – no funding body would look into MMS and try and work out what is happening there. The inability to engage makes it sound as though Humble has a point. Old politics looked at Trump supporters and also Brexit supporters and labelled them – racists, homophobes, rouble rousers ……. The louder you shout ‘fool’, the more someone feels the need to press a point.


I can understand the fear of engaging, not wanting to hand Humble any legitimacy, the fear of appearing to collude with his ,bleach cures all, theory.

As researchers fear to appear complicit, Humble is able to say that scientists are so scared of testing his ‘magic cure’ because it’s so strong, they won’t know what to do with themselves when the results come out.

But engaging with him will also means he can say…
‘Look, they know I have something, why are they spending money to test it if they don’t at least believe me a little’

It’s a catch 22 .

I don’t know exactly what researchers need to do, but they cannot stand and watch this man grow an empire build on a bleach cure and just shout ‘idiot’ at anyone who buys it.

I would like to declare my conflict of interest in this topic.
Many years ago, I watched a close relative spent millions, even travelling to Humble’s clinic in Bulgaria for the treatment to be ‘calibrated in line with his physiology’. This relative had to turn to hospital when they realised that the only option left was death. Watching someone you love clutched from the jaws of death is a very scary thing.