How healthkenya fared at the BAKE awards

The BAKE 2016 awards are done and is number 2 health blog this year

16. Best Health Blog

a – Winner- 2298 votes
b – 1377 votes
c – 1062 votes
d – 845 votes
e – 773 votes

The blog was number 2 last year as well – lakini hii mwaka nimeshindwa yani fair and square, close to 1,000 votes….tsk tsk. I seriously need to break this silver medal jinx ……. willing to get sound advice from whoever can break it next year. Why are fitness blogs so hard to beat? It can’t be rocket science surely….

In the meantime – I want to appreciate all yee that voted – all 1,377 of you – asanteni sana!!

The vote count was encouraging..

I will continue to write this blog, which I greatly enjoy – keep me going with your feedback ….any feedback…


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