Guest writers

I have written every single blog on this site from September 2013 until today 10th October 2017, when I am proud to introduce the first guest blogger on

I would like to host more guest bloggers who are willing to put in some good writing, well thought through health pieces. They could be personal experiences, a piece of research you are interested in or are actively involved in. This blog is open to new ideas.

If you are interested in guest blogging, send an email titled ‘Guest blogger’ to

Not all pieces will be published, but all articles will be read. As with all writing, there will be some rejections so please read the blog to see what kind of writing will be accepted. It should be between 300-700 words. However, longer pieces can be accepted at times.

This blog is not a political blog. I will not accept abusive pieces aimed at undermining anyone no matter how wrong or obnoxious they are. No name calling. No ramblings and the ranting is only for me.