Cut Pat some slack

I saw this bit in the newspapers today (20th October 2014) and thought to myself ‘he did not really say that, did he?’

pat roberston


Turns out, he actually did.


However, having listened to the whole answer to the question, I thought, cut the poor preacherman some slack – he said all the right things about Ebola which is one big worry right now- the assumption that Africa is seeping Ebola from its every pore.

So for Pat Robertson to put it very clearly that Kenya is hundreds of miles away and very safe, as far as Ebola is concerned – was a boost for us.

Ok so he thinks you can catch AIDS from towels, well, the tourist can just bring his own towels then – at least he will come- and preach or whatever it is he wants to do – and keep someone employed.

Hence I say, verily verily unto you, my Kenyan brethren – whatervereth thou doest – cutteth thou some slack for your brethren at 700 club. Turn thou to CDC and ask them to verily inform our brethren that towels never catch AIDS.

All sorts of interesting things are said about Africa abroad and I pity those Africans in the diaspora who have to live with that crap. It’s terribly hard to find the joke when the nonsense in the media is interpreted as gospel truth (pun intended) by those around them. The western media, for a reason I am yet to grasp, is keen to potray Africa in a certain way. They find it hard to come to terms with where we are at, so have pity on the citizenry that knows no better. After all, to them, Africa is one village with disease, war and death flying about freely between our thin, porous borders.


However, those of us on the continent have no business getting worked up by other people’s ignorance. We can just collect it all and have a good laugh.

I found this piece about a Dutch town that shut down because a cobra escaped from a zoo really funny.


snake in town


Really, did they expect the cobra to run around town shooting poison and jumping from window to window – if anything people would be safer out in public places because the poor snake was so scared it was cowering somewhere wondering where all the warmth went. The best place for children to be would be in public places.

Ignorance they say is bliss.

If the Dutch think cobras will attack you viciously on the streets and Pat thinks towels have AIDS – a CDC brochure should do the job.

CDC, do something….